Getting Braces Off – Celebrate 7 Ways

Having braces on your teeth can last from a few months to a few years, depending upon all the factors involved. And during the time that you have had them on your teeth, you probably felt like you missed out on a lot! There are things you couldn’t eat at all, things you had to cut up real small, and most likely you longed for the day that you could sink your teeth into an apple!

So the day is finally in sight. It’s time to get the braces off and give your teeth and mouth the freedom for which you have been waiting. Now is the time to celebrate! There are so many ways that you can celebrate, everything from writing a journal about your experience to recording a video that shares your experience and shows your new look. Here are seven options that you may want to consider:

1. Throw a party. Throwing a braces are off party is a great way to celebrate. Invite your friends over, put out the Doritos that you have been longing for, and enjoy showing off those new straight teeth. Your friends will love being able to take part in your celebration.

2. Plan a photo shoot. You deserve to show the world your new beautiful smile! Plan a photo shoot, so you can be one – on – one with a photographer and put your best smile forward. You will get some great shots and can show all your MySpace or Facebook friends your new look. You may even want to complete the whole look by making your photo shoot one of the glamour shot ones, where you get the make-up and hair pampering right before the shoot.

3. Chew some gum. You know you have been wanting to have gum for the longest time . Although it’s not a good thing to still do regularly, you can take an afternoon to chew some gum and feel guilt and worry free. Chew to your heart’s content!

4. Go caramel. Now is the time that you can sink your teeth into a caramel apple. No more avoiding the caramel and cutting the apple into bite-sized pieces. Nope, you can actually eat a full caramel apple, right off the stick! Get one at the mall, a carnival, or have fun making them yourself. Either way, you will love being able to bite into that sticky, gooey sweetness worry-free!

5 . Picnic in the park. Weather permitting, a picnic in the park will make for a fun celebration. Take some of your favorite outdoor games, invite the friends, and have a cooler filled with icy drinks. On the grill, you can plan for things like corn on the cob that you have had to largely avoid while having your braces. It will make for a memorable afternoon!

6. Have a potluck dinner. Have your friends each bring a dish people with braces have to take precaution with. This will give them the chance to learn a little more about what you went through, and it will be fun to see what options they come up with. Ask each of your guests to write down a comment about you with or without your braces. Your potluck will be filled with interesting dishes, laughs, and a good time!

7. Hit the spa. What could be better then spending a couple of hours being pampered? Not much! Have a spa party for yourself, or invite a friend or two. Get a make-over, manicure, pedicure, massage, or whatever else you feel like getting. Just pamper yourself for making it through your treatment. You will walk out feeling and looking great!

Doing some of the above things, such as chewing gum, may still not be good for your teeth or your body overall. But doing it on a special occasion, and not making a habit out of it, shouldn’t do any harm. Now that you have made it through wearing braces, you will find that you like to smile
more , show off your beautiful teeth, and feel great! Having a celebration for getting your braces off is a great way to remember the day as something really special, include those you love, and start a new you!

-Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, Burleson Orthodontics

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