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Wine, Walk, and Shop

Join Briarcliff Village for their annual Fall kick-off event. This year will be the first of it’s kind with Wine, Walk, & Shop on Saturday, September 6th from 10am-6pm. Wine tastings in-store will be from 12-5pm. Featuring the astronomically popular Nell Hill’s Fall Open House, Live Music, and Wine Tasting Stations from our locally owned grocer and restaurants. In addition, Happy Hour at Trezo Mare Restaurant from 3-5pm featuring a fashion show and special silent auction prizes! The first 100 participants will also receive a commemorative stem less wine glass.



Nell Hill’s

Dress Your Mantel for Fall: 3 Ideas to Inspire You
By Mary Carol Garrity, Nell Hill’s

My favorite season of the year is just weeks away: Fall! I start pulling out my fall décor when it’s still beastly hot in Kansas because I just can’t wait to fill my home with all the colors, textures and aromas of autumn. If you want to celebrate this glorious season in your home décor as well, the perfect place to start is your fireplace mantel, one of the most visible spots in your home. Here are three beautiful looks we created at Nell Hill’s to inspire you.

Glorious Garlands of Fall Foliage

For some reason, we only think of dressing our mantels in the majesty of garland during the holiday season. But garland is a glorious treatment for every season, a sure head-turner. This luscious, layered display is perfect for an elegant living room, where you’ll want a look that’s as dramatic as the décor.

We started by selecting a mix of classic pieces to showcase on the mantel top. I’m nuts about blue accents mixed with the warm golds, oranges and browns of fall foliage, so we placed similar but not matching blue and white jars on either side of the mantel. They mirror the cachepots flanking the hearth below. I’m all about mixing contemporary and classic pieces, so we added in this bookend of black and white jars in a decidedly modern pattern. We wanted to keep the symmetry of this display, yet add a bit of visual variation. So we selected a pair of gold candlesticks and a pretty plate propped in an easel to fill in our center space.

If you’ve shied away from decorating with faux foliage because you find it intimidating to work with, don’t be. It’s easy as pie when you know the secret. First, you have to work with each individual stem, fluffing it out, twisting and turning the branches so they appear just as they would grow in nature, a bit wild and willy-nilly. To create this garland, Zack at Nell Hill’s linked together individual stems, one to another, like pipe cleaners, until he had formed a chain. Then he poked in accent picks to give the garland more interest and dimension. We love to add in picks that have nuts or berries, or contrasting flowers or grasses.

If you have some fall picks that are starting to look a bit tired and frayed, this treatment is a great way to get one more year out of them. Use the older picks for the garland, then purchase some new, bright picks for your accents.

Tumbles of Gourds

Do you like a cleaner, simpler and more edited look on your mantel? Here’s a great treatment to try. It’s a more relaxed display that still has a big impact. We started with a pair of clean, clear glass vases that have a bit of an aged patina, thanks to the tiny tint of green. We filled the vases with rustic fall picks, mixing colors, textures and styles so it looks like items you might gather on a fall nature walk. Then we filled in the central space with a tumble of assorted faux gourds, held in place with a twist of bittersweet vine.

We use faux and fresh gourds interchangeably at Nell Hill’s. When I use fresh gourds at home, I opt for diverse colors and shapes. The more quirky the gourds, with nobs and twists and irregular color patterns, the better. If you want to create a display then leave it be for months, pick faux gourds, like those shown here, so you don’t have to worry about them biodegrading on the mantel. I’ve had this happen to me, and it’s gross!

Tell a Story with a Tableau

I adore a tableau that tells a story, drawing in your guests for a closer look, engaging them in the moment. The tale can be complex, with each element contributing to the narrative. Or it can be simple, like our treatment here. Our goal was to invoke a feeling of history, celebrating the past through a few iconic images. Our tools were weathered books, a reproduction wooden storage box and artwork done in sepia tones. Because I like to add a touch of the unexpected, we picked a cluster of contemporary gold vases filled with a brilliant bouquet of fall flowers and greens.
What do you have on hand that you could use to tell a story on your mantel this fall? An old photo of your ancestors? A plate, platter or bowl that has been in your family?

If you love to decorate for Halloween, you could turn your tableau into a macabre saga. Pick out a pair of old candelabra and dust them with fake spider’s webs, complete with a plastic spider or two standing guard. Put a faux skull on top of a plate. Or tuck a rubber rat into your foliage. Let you inner child run free with this one!


Trezo Mare-Wine Etiquette

“Make Mine a Double” And Other Wine Etiquette Faux Pas

Whether it’s celebrating with a bottle at home or dinner at a five-star restaurant, we all need some basic wine etiquette skills sure to impress even the top sommelier. With the increase of popularity of wine among younger generations, there are some unspoken rules you should follow to ensure a behavior that will impress, and not offend your companions. The following tips offer suggestions in etiquette from informal service at home to dining out and creating an enjoyable wine experience for all occasions.
Wine Tastings

The growing popularity of Midwest vineyards and wine tours brings a different kind of tasting crowd. Although wineries are a great place to learn about wine and envelope yourself in the process, it is not a free-for-all buffet. Wineries have experts on staff to assist in your wine selection and preference so your experience is enjoyable and you aren’t walking in blind. You’re probably not going to like every wine they serve at a vineyard, that’s why it is such a process to find one enjoyable to the palate. It is perfectly acceptable to discard unfavorable wine in the receptacle at a wine tasting. This will also keep you on your feet and discourage over consumption. You can also ask for a second pour on a particular wine you are unsure of. However, it is not polite to ask for a second pour on every sample. If you find yourself enjoying a particular wine, purchase a glass rather than asking for additional pours. Some wineries do not require a purchase of wine, but have a fee for the session. Others will waive fees if you purchase a wine. It is suggested that if you enjoyed a particular wine or if the winery is rather small, purchase a bottle in good form. If you don’t drink it, it’s a memento of fun times.

Dining Out

You sit down at table dressed in white table cloth, three forks, four glasses, and are presented the wine list. This can seem quite intimidating for the novice wine drinker, but using basic wine etiquette will ensure an enjoyable experience for both the server and you. Don’t feel shy in asking your server for recommendations. It is their job to provide you with suggestions that will compliment your food nicely, so deciding your meal prior to wine selection is helpful. Mark Taylor, Wine Director at Trezo Mare Restaurant located in Briarcliff Village also suggests “Start with a glass of sparkling, such as Prosecco so you aren’t pressured to make a decision right off bat. Then from that point the qualified server can suggest drinks that will compliment your dinner nicely.” It is also acceptable to ask your server for suggestions of wine in a variety of price ranges since restaurant wines can be so pricey. If you’re with a group, the server will also be able to recommend a wine that will compliment everyone’s meal. At a more formal dining establishment, the server will present you with the bottle and label before pouring. This is to ensure it is the correct bottle and year that was ordered. The server will then pour a small sample for the host’s approval. You can taste the wine sample, smell it, examine it, all to make sure it is a wine that is to your liking. This is where the cork is also presented for examination. Many people think it is for the host to smell the cork. Don’t smell the cork. “You want to touch it, see if there’s mold which may suggest the wine is old. If the cork was dry it could suggest it was stored improperly,” says Taylor. Do not be afraid to reject the wine if it does not live up to your expectations. This is perfectly acceptable, but do use the opportunity to have the server suggest another wine more to your liking. Any wine steward knows that the restaurant can sell the open bottle by the glass. In addition the server will be sure your red wines “open up” or decant and that whites are served properly chilled. “Red wines need a little bit of time to bring all of the floral or fruit characteristics and structure into the air,” explains Taylor. It is customary that if your server was exceptionally helpful in your wine selection or if you use the restaurant’s sommelier to tip 10-20% of the cost of the wine.

Dining In

When serving wine to guests in your home, using the proper etiquette will ensure an enjoyable experience for your guests. To do this, first, select wine that will pair well with the food you are serving. If you plan to serve wine before the meal, a lighter white or sparkling wine is appropriate. Be sure to use appropriate glassware in your home, not plastic or paper because it will affect the quality and taste of the wine. Serve at an accurate temperature for the wine in conjunction with reds and whites. And finally, pour the correct amount of wine. Leaving about half of the glass empty will make it easier for your guests to enjoy without the possibility of spilling.

Gifting Wine

Wine is always an appropriate hostess gift when invited to someone’s home. A basic rule to follow is to give red during winter months and white during summer months. Of course, if you know the wine the hostess prefers, always gift it. If not, a medium priced and medium bodied wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc is a safe gift. The hostess will most likely have their menu and wine pairings selected, so never bring a bottle already chilled and expect it to be served for dinner.


Jose Pepper’s NOW OPEN

Jose Pepper’s made its debut in 1988 and quickly became a favorite dining spot in the Kansas City area. Now with more than 13 restaurants in Kansas and Missouri and 25 years of experience creating great Mexican food, people continue to enjoy Jose Peppers. Try our complimentary ultra-thin chips and zesty salsa, our famous Espinaca con Queso, our delicious Pollo Magnifico and other appealing signature dishes.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and freshest Mexican food possible. Margaritas are made in-house with our own 100% agave tequila. We offer 2 for $10 El Patron margaritas all day, every day and $2 Jose ‘Ritas on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Any day of the week, Jose Pepper’s is the perfect place to bring your friends and family. We strive for extraordinary service so you can have the best experience possible. If you’re staying home, Jose Pepper’s offers convenient carryout accommodations for groups of all sizes.
Whatever the occasion, the fresh taste and friendly atmosphere of Jose Pepper’s are second to none because that’s who we are. Visit us in Briarcliff Village today!


Final Thursdays

In conjunction with the weekly Briarcliff Village Farmers Market, come unwined from the week with exclusive late-night shopping, happy hour store specials, live music, and more!

Final Thursdays are held the last Thursday of each month May-September from 4-7pm with many of the boutiques and specialty stores open until 8pm. Each monthly event will also have a different international flare featuring Mexican, Italian, Argentinian and American; giving guests a little taste of everything Briarcliff Village has to offer.

In addition to shopping and tasting your way through the center, guests will have a progressive punch card validated by each of the participating stores. Visit all of the participating businesses and recieve an entry form to win our monthly prize package! This package features some of the Best that Briarcliff Village has to offer including a One Night Stay at the Courtyard Marriott at Briarcliff, Two Tickets to a Royals Game, and a Gift Card for Dinner at one of our amazing restaurants!

May 29th: Mexican

June 26th: American

July 31st: Italian

August 28th: Argentinian

September 25th: American-Chili Cook Off


Summer Sidewalk Sale and Ice Cream Social


July 17th-20th: Summer Sidewalk Sale and Ice Cream Social

Briarcliff Village and GreenAcres Market are happy to present our Farmers Market 3rd Thursday Summer Sale & Ice Cream Social. Bring the whole family on Thursday, July 17th, 5-7 p.m. Not only will you enjoy first pickings of end-of-season discounts from our boutiques and specialty shops, but also free ice cream from GreenAcres Market. Don’t forget: the Briarcliff Village Summer Sidewalk Sale continues through Sunday, July 20th. Don’t miss the best deals of the season!


The Foot Spot – Rebranded

Smart Feet, your local comfort footwear retailer, has announced that this month all three of their Kansas City locations will be transitioning their name from Smart Feet to “The Foot Spot”.  Owner, Ryan Richard, states “We wanted a name that could be trademarked and found out that Smart Feet is not possible”.  The trademarked name “The Foot Spot” allows them to have a unique name that is solely theirs.  It gives them true ownership of their brand and website.  With their new trademarked name, they will also have an opportunity for licensing and private label opportunities, which they did not have with their previous name.

As The Foot Spot continues to build momentum in the Kansas City market, they are also looking for growth in the future with their online business.   The Foot Spot will have the same great service, the same friendly neighborhood locations, the same ownership and management, the same value and pricing guarantees, and the same great brands and products.  The only change is their new name with the hopes of future growth opportunities.

The Foot Spot offers a broad assortment of fashionable comfort footwear brands including: Finn Comfort, Naot, Think!, Dansko, Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, Brooks, and New Balance, just to name a few. Additionally, they are staffed with highly trained Pedorthists that are effective in evaluating and assessing footwear needs. In addition to footwear needs, the staff is trained to design custom inserts/orthotics and to make adjustments for proper foot alignment.  They address numerous common foot-related conditions including plantar fasciitis, bunions, arch pain, hammer toes, back pain, and knee pain, which all are associated with improper foot biomechanics.


The Foot Spot has a long history as a locally owned Kansas City retailer and plans on continuing and expanding its success, with this name transition. The Foot Spot started as a single location in South Kansas City in 2005.  In 2006, they opened their second location in Prairie Village, KS., then in 2008 they expanded to the Northland and opened their Briarcliff Village location.  As their customer base has grown, they feel that it is the time to start their second phase of educating and helping with foot problems and biomechanics.

Ryan says, “This is an exciting time in our company history.  We feel we are ready for the next step.”


For inquiries please visit thefootspot.com or contact thefootspotoffice@gmail.com.


Air Force Band Concert

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 11 to experience an exclusive, live concert by the U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America “Shades of Blue” Jazz Ensemble.

Briarcliff Trails of Our Community and Briarcliff Village proudly present th performance beginning at 7 p.m. at Mulberry Lake across from Briarcliff Village. The U.S. Air Force Band is an 18-piece big band with a diverse repertoire of traditional swing, bebop, modern jazz, vocal selections and patriotic songs honoring our nation’s military branches.

Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, drinks and picnic dinners to enjoy this FREE family-friendly concert celebrating our nation’s freedom.



GreenAcres Market has been a part of the Briarcliff Development from the very beginning, and we couldn’t be more proud to be members of this community. We’d like to share with you our story, our vision, and the exciting things we have planned over the summer!

GreenAcres opened its original location 20 years ago when our CEO, Barb Hoffmann, started the first 4000 square foot store in Wichita, KS. She was dealing with a chronic pain condition and found relief through alternative medicine and natural foods. She soon got the entire family involved in her vision, including her husband John, and daughters Shannon and Shayne.

“I grew up with blue corn chips in my lunch and grass falling out of my sandwich,” Shannon recalls, “I had crazy carrot juice drinks and ice cream sandwiches made from tofu!”

Our entire mission from the time Barb opened the first store was alternative health education. We want to provide people with options and teach them about preventative care through nutrition. Healthy, natural and organic food has come so far in taste, selection and quality and that thrills the GreenAcres family as we get that much closer to fulfilling our mission and vision.

Today, we’re still a family owned business! John is CIO and Shannon is President and CFO. Shannon opened the Briarcliff location in 2006 as an extension of our mission to educate! She believed in the vision Charles Garney had for the Village and today we are proud to help anchor it. The GreenAcres chain now consists of 8 stores across Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma!

Each May through September GreenAcres hosts the Briarcliff Village Farmers Market on Thursdays from 3-7. This year we have a few favorite vendors returning and also a fresh, new bunch with a variety of locally grown and made goods. This summer, in addition to produce, flowers, herbs and berries, we also have local grass-fed beef, hand-made and customizable jewelry, local natural soaps, organic ice cream and more (including weekly live music)!

We also host a series of family themed events on the Third Thursday of each month. Join us May 15th from 5-7 for our first Herb Festival! Learn about herbs and how to grow and use them- not just for flavor but for health as well! We’ll be selling herb transplants and have multiple stations to visit including one by CultivateKC!

Don’t forget to check out the Kids’ Day on June 19th for the annual market scavenger hunt and t-shirt tie-dyeing! We’ll hold our Ice Cream Social on July 17th featuring fresh ingredients from our farmers. The Dog Days of Summer is always a favorite- this year on August 21st, featuring the Northland Animal Welfare Society’s mobile dog wash and micro-chipping (and of course the Hot Dog Fashion Show)! We also have a bounce house and face painting for all these events!

The final Market of the year will be the 2nd annual Chili Challenge for Charity to benefit the Great Plains SPCA Shelter. We had so much fun last year and raised money for a good cause.

GreenAcres is thrilled to be a part of this growing, thriving community and we are committed to the continued development of the area. Have a great summer and see you soon!


FREE Saturday Night Summer Movies

With Mulberry Lake as the backdrop, Briarcliff Trails of Our Community presents the very popular FREE Saturday Night Summer Movie Series. Enjoy classics and family favorites starting at 8:45 (dusk) every Saturday, May 31st-August 16th (Skipping July 5th). Don’t forget to bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and snacks!

May 31: E.T.

June 7: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

June 14: Singin’ in the Rain

June 21: Toy Story 3

June 28: Thor: The Dark World


July 12: The Incredibles

July 19: The Avengers

July 26: Pitch Perfect


August 2: Despicable Me 2

August 9: Fast & Furious 6

August 16: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire