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Best of Briarcliff

Best Of Briarcliff Giveaway

Each month, Briarcliff Village is awarding one winner a special prize worth $200 or more that showcases the best that Briarcliff Village has to offer.

Entering the contest is easy. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/briarcliffvillage first and then you will see a special tab our our page called “Best of Briarcliff”. All of the details for the current contest are displayed including how you can gain bonus entries!

Bonus entries are awarded through sharing the contest with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If someone enters because of your post, you are awarded a bonus entry.

We will be giving away 2-Private Girls Night Outs from Amelia’s Boutique with each winner receiving a $100 store credit for the night of your event! Your private event will feature shopping with girl friends, tips and trends for the season, appetizers, and libations.

More great prizes to come including a 6-month membership at Foundation Fitness Briarcliff.

You must be 18 years or older to enter and Briarcliff Village merchants and employees are not eligible to win.


Spring Fling

Briarcliff Village Spring Fling

Briarcliff Village is kicking off Spring in a big way. Join us, Saturday, April 5th from 10am-7pm for our Spring Fling Event. Enjoy special music with one of Kansas City’s premier cover bands, The SKUs 11am-2pm, featuring decades of rock and roll hits. Our variety of retail stores will be bursting with new arrivals of spring merchandise. Browse the store specials, enjoy eats and drinks, and enter the many prize drawings available throughout the day.

Your purchases will not go unused. Join us for a special Girls Night Out hosted by Eclektica Salon at Trezo Mare. Any purchases made throughout the day can be redeemed for a voucher of the same face value for our Silent Auction. Redeem your receipts from any of our merchants at the registration table and then use your voucher money to bid on special prizes, including an iPAD MINI!

Also, grab some great complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drink specials. Watch a fashion show featuring the lastest trends for spring and summer, listen to more great local music and receive a complementary lip color from the stylists.

You won’t want to miss this great event to kick off Spring in Kansas City!



Always a Bridesmaid…

Just as wedding day fashions and trends change, the idea behind gifts for your wedding party evolves. Here are a few tips and ideas to follow when choosing the perfect gifts for your Bridesmaids.

One Gift Does Not Fit All: When shopping for bridesmaid gifts, think of getting something personal that reminds you of the role the individual has played in your life. Finishings For Her has both affordable and personal gifts and accessories. A wine glass with a cheeky phrase of “Wine improves with age. I improve with wine” would be a perfect personal gift for your go-to girls’ night out bridemaid. A candle with ultimate aroma made with soy from Finishings for Her, or perfumes and soap by Tokyo Milk from Design in the City is just what you had in mind for you spa day bestie.

Multifunctional: It may be in your bridesmaids best interest to give something that is useful for the actual wedding day as well. A statement necklace from Amelia’s Boutique, comes in a variety of colors to match your wedding and bring out the best in their dress, but is also a trendy piece that can be worn with their everyday wardrobe. A wedding theme with a country flare may have your girls sporty their cowboy boots for the day. Finishings for Her has a variety of styles of boot jewelry that compliment and bedazzle the ankle of even the plainest boots. A trendy look for weddings this season available at Amelia’s Boutique is headbands ordained with sparkles, lace, and pearls.

Practical: A good bridesmaid is a prepared bridesmaid and Design in the City has Wedding Day Emergency Kits stocked with earring backs, deodorant, hairspray and more. If your wanting a practical and personal gift, Vera Bradley from Finishings for Her offers affordable and personalizable accessories. A cosmetic case with your gal pal’s monogram in her favorite colors is sure to show your appreciation.

Timeless: A good quality piece that will not only withstand the wedding, but be a rememberance of the day years down the road might be what you have in mind. Amelia’s Boutique offers a line of necklaces by Dogeared featuring sterling silver designs with pearls, gems, and more. These handcrafted necklaces come with personal messages of love, friendship, and life. Additionally, a sterling silver Mariana necklace from Design in the City features and guardian angel on the backside and is made with natural minerals and stones designed to spiritually uplift the wearer.

In the end, although your bridemaids may have different personalities, when choosing a gift, ask your yourself “Would I want that?” Chances are, if it is something that you would enjoy, some part of your bridemaid would enjoy it as well.


Patty Garnery

Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Announces Patty Garney,2013 Northlander of the Year

Patricia Ann, known as Patty Garney, was named 2013 Northlander of the Year at the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Banquet held on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa. Her husband, Charles Garney, family, close friends, supporters, as well as Chamber members accompanied Patty to celebrate her award.

Patty has served the Northland in a variety of ways, currently as the Community Liaison for the Briarcliff Development Company and formally, a Trans World Airlines (TWA) Hostess graduate. She has been involved on numerous Boards and charitable organizations in Kansas City including P.E.O. Sisterhood, Kansas City Presidents Organization and the Kansas City Symphony Guild. Most notably she is the Co-Founder of the Harvest Ball which she started in 1986 and has donated close to $7 million in our Kansas City community with emphasis on Clay, Platte and Ray counties.

Throughout the years Patty has held many responsibilities with William Jewell College Board of Trustees, Briarcliff Development Company Board Member, Friends of the Zoo, Heart of America Unity Way, Synergy Services, Safehaven and more! Patty has been recognized with dozens of awards and honors, including most recently the 2013 Keystone Vision Award presented to both she and Charles for Visionary Excellence; “Hats Off to Mothers” Award Recipient, May 2012; “Service Above Self” Award presented to Patty and Charles Garney, April 2010; Park University, Founders Day, Honoree, April 2007. In addition to the large list, the NRCC proudly includes the Business in Support of Education award at our Excellence in Education Banquet, and she is a Distinguished Graduate of the Leadership Northland Class of 1996, making the 2013 Northlander of the Year her third Northland Chamber award.

Patty’s love and commitment to her family (six daughters, five grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters) extends to those in the community. She says “The grass is NOT always greener on the other side, the grass is greenest where you water it!” We are fortunate to her have her as a Northlander.

The Northlander of the Year award is given annually by the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the betterment of the Northland. Spencer Fields, Mercer received last years’ award. Other past recipients include Betty Burch, Dick Holwick, David Carpenter, Anita Gorman, Dr. Don Breckon, Charles Garney, Jay Dillingham and Howard Breen.

Story courtesy of Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce


Meet Dr. Stapleton

Our mission at The Spa at Briarcliff is to empower you to have the people and resources you need to improve your life and lifestyle. We encourage being proactive about taking care of yourself through relaxation therapies, options to enhance your appearance, or solutions to your particular skin care needs. We are here to provide inclusive therapies for your health and beauty needs.

Doctor Angela K. Stapleton, MD is the Medical Director for The Spa at Briarcliff. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Stapleton attended William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri and then went on to receive her medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, where she was recognized with the Outstanding Performance in Family Medicine Award. Dr. Stapleton has been practicing in the Northland area for 13 years. She has a special interest in women’s health, medical aesthetics, skin care and nutrition. In her free time, Dr. Stapleton enjoys spending time with her family and travel.

Dr. Stapleton has a special interest in “facial aesthetics”. Her goal is to create a balanced and natural look using the latest fillers to address normal aging volume losses and Botox to soften lines. This combination of health and beauty truly presents the “Best YOU” possible!

Dr. Stapleton loves both the “art and science” of facial aesthetics and, using her years of experience in the field, works with you to achieve your specific goals. This approach includes an initial consultation to identify your concerns and do a full evaluation, then educating you on all the available options for treatment, and finally reaching a plan together to be your personal best!

We have available a combination of treatments that can work synergistically together: including laser, peels, filler, Botox, skin care products. Let us use our skill, experience and latest therapies to create a customized plan for you!



Best of Briarcliff Giveaway

Starting February 1, 2014 Briarcliff Village will be giving away prizes galore! Each month, we are awarding one winner a special prize worth $200 or more that showcases the best that Briarcliff Village has to offer.

Entering the contest is easy. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/briarcliffvillage first and then you will see a special tab our our page called “Best of Briarcliff.” All of the details for the current contest are displayed including how you can gain bonus entries!

Bonus entries are awarded through sharing the contest with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If someone enters because of your post, you are awarded a bonus entry.

We will be giving away a $200 Briarcliff Village gift card in the month of February. Briarcliff Village gift cards are good at any shopping, dining, and specialty store in Briarcliff Village. We have a great line up of prizes and packages lined up for each month, including Private Shopping Parties at Amelia’s Boutique and a 6-month membership at Foundation Fitness Briarcliff.

You must be 18 years or older to enter and Briarcliff Village merchants and employees are not eligible to win.


Stay True to Your Style

New Year’s Resolution: Stay True to Your Style

by Mary Carol Garrity, Owner, Nell Hill’s

I do some of my best decorating-related dreaming during the quiet, still days of early January, when the hullabaloo of the holidays is past, the seasonal finery is packed away and my home is back to its most natural state. That’s when I make my decorating New Year’s resolutions, the list of things in my home I want to tackle in the coming year. I’ve learned from experience that I’m happiest with my design decisions when I keep these five guiding principles in mind. I hope they will help you, too, as you dream big about what you’d like your home to become in 2014.

1.Keep your ultimate destination in mind.

Dan and I recently purchased a tiny little fixer upper (which is being charitable – it needed major work) by sweet little lake near Kansas City. It’s modest and cozy and reminds me of the bungalow I lived in when I moved back to Atchison years ago to start Nell Hill’s.

Since I spend my days helping Nell Hill’s customers reach their decorating dreams, imagine my glee at having this project of my own to pour some creative energy into. I was starting from scratch, so I spent a lot of time mulling over what style I wanted for my little escape. Modern? Transitional? Traditional?

So what do you do when you are at a decorating crossroads, when you’re moving into a new home, renovating a room or just giving an existing space a facelift? Which direction do you go – your tried-and-true look or someplace new? Only you can discern the right answer, but here’s my recommendation: Stay true to your style. That’s what I ended up doing with my little lake house. After veering off in different decorating directions, I finally stopped and listened to my heart: I wanted this little house to look like it had been in my family for generations, filled with comfortably classic furnishings.

2. Push a bit out of your comfort zone.

Once you know your decorating destination, be open to serendipity. As you are exposed to new styles and trends, give them a look and see how you might adapt them to your home to keep your décor fresh. If you love color, that may mean painting a wall a splashy new tone. Maybe you could experiment with pattern on a new piece of furniture. Or you might want to mix up your displays with a few new accents every season.

In my home, I’ve been taking a new look on my traditional décor. As a result, I’ve lightened up my layers through the years, introduced contemporary patterns though my accent pillows and bought some fabulous transitional lamps, like the ones in the picture above. My home still says “me”, but is always evolving, never stale.

3. Stay true to your palette.

This is an over simplification, I know, but in general, I think people gravitate toward warm or cool color palettes. Even though I adore the clean lines and bold colors in today’s reinvented geometric prints, when I use orange, turquoise or chartreuse in my own home, I pair them with creams because a warmer palette suits me best. In contrast, many of the young Nell Hill’s associates pair their bold colors with crisp white. Which one works best for you and your home?

A few Nell Hill’s customers have told me that they tried some more contemporary pieces in their traditional homes but didn’t fall in love with them. They wanted to go back to their traditional look. My guess is that when they picked the more modern pieces, they stepped too far outside their color palette and missed the warmer tones. Solution: Mix in warm colors through pillows, window coverings, area rugs or accents.

4. Make sure your home nourishes your spirit.

As you decorate your home, your goal should not be to make it the stuff of decorating magazine centerfolds. It should be to create a space that fills your senses and nourishes your spirit. Beautiful furnishings are a means to an end, not the end itself. I know it sounds schmaltzy, but my home is kind of a sanctuary for me, a place where I can refill my tank. Every morning I recharge my batteries as I sit in my favorite chair, drinking a cup of coffee, enjoying a moment of solitude before the craziness of the day.

One of the ways to decorate your rooms so they nourish your spirit is to fill them with things that give you joy, like photos of loved ones, gifts from treasured friends, mementos from vacations or special events, heirlooms or collections. I keep all of the above on display in my home, like the photo of our daughter on her wedding day, in the picture above. This year, as you design your rooms, include objects that tell your visitors about you, your family and all you hold dear. As you personalize your spaces, you will not only make your décor more beautiful, you’ll make your life more beautiful, too.

5. Let your rooms evolve over time.

I’ve been reminded of a valuable lesson as I’ve renovated my tiny lake house. Don’t be in a rush to finish. Instead, let your spaces evolve over time. In our hurry-up world, we are often anxious to zip through a decorating project so we can get to the other 10 million things on our list.  But I’ve found that the rooms I love most in my own home and in the homes of others are those that have come together more slowly, layer by layer. A slower, more deliberate approach to decorating allows you to stick your toe in and see how it feels, whether that’s experimenting with a new color, style or accent.

For example, as I’ve decorated my living room through the years, I’ve filled about every inch of wall space with artwork. I really love artwork, so in order to pack more in, I’ve had to get creative on where to squeeze in new pieces. That’s how I ended up resting Dan’s butterfly collection against the books in our bookcases. I love how it looks! Each layer, one on top of another, added through the years, makes my home more beautiful to me.

For more of Mary Carol’s tips and trends, visit her blog at http://www.nellhillsblog.com/



Kansas City Restaurant Week

Kansas City’s Restaurant Week will be taking place January 17-26 and offers a display of our metro’s finest culinary talents. More than 125 area restaurants take part in this annual 10-day event, which benefits three charities: Harvesters, Kansas City Regional Destination Development Foundation, and the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Assocation’s Educational Foundation.

Diners can visit old favorites or try a new eatery for a fraction of the normal bill. KC Restaurant Week diners order from special prix-fixe menus featuring multi-course lunches for $15 and dinners for $33. A portion of the proceeds from these multi-course meals is a designated donation to each of the charities and raised $173,000 in 2013.

The event, created by two founding sponsors: the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association and the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association is designed to spotlight Kansas City as one of the country’s premier dining destinations while supporting the local culinary community.

Two Briarcliff favorites and top locally owned restaurants, Piropos and Trezo Mare Restaurant, will participate again in this year’s Restaurant Week. Stop by to sample some of their local treasures such as Trezo Mare’s Vintage Beef and housemade pasta or Piropos Argentinean style cuisine starting with fresh made Empanadas.

For more information, visit each restaurant’s website below or call to reserve your table early!




Crafting for a New Year

January brings a New Year and along with the resolutions, some might find new motivation for healthy eating, excercise, or new hobbies. While Kansas City is experiencing one of it’s coldest winters in decades, citizens may find themselves cooped up indoors needing distraction or output of energy. Crafting is a sure way to release those creative juices buried within.

While knitting may have been something you remember your mother or grandmother focusing hours upon hours on while in a rocking chair, these “old” skills have fresh light within Urban Arts + Crafts in Briarcliff Village. Owner Karen Roark takes knitting, crocheting, sewing, and jewelry making to a new level. Her store boasts a basic-to-boutique collection of yarns, fabrics, beads and paper arts with a more fresh and modern appeal.

Imagine that amazing slouchy beret you saw in the big box store can be created in just a few hours and produce a one-of-a-kind and handmade project just for you. Not only does Urban Arts + Crafts offer classes at an affordable rate, but for individuals who can’t tell the difference between a slip stitch and a reversible cable. Classes begin with beginner’s basics on up to the avid knitter.

The repertoire of skills doesn’t end there though. From metal stamped and leather jewelry making to sewing a cute messenger bag, the possiblities of what you can create are endless. Classes range from 2-4 hours and some are completed in multiple parts. Some classes have materials included or you may need to bring some items from home. Class participants also receive 10% off supplies the day of their class.

For a complete listing of class schedules, visit urbanartsandcrafts.com


Reset Your System with Whole Foods

For Sarah Giboney, Owner and Head Trainer at Foundation Fitness Briarcliff, the holidays are a time to celebrate and indulge. After a number of weeks away from her more moderate nutrition choices, there is a need to detox the body and re-set her system.
To do this, Sarah embarks on a 21-day journey of clean eating. “I completed this challenge last January and although it was tough, the end result was well worth it”, says Sarah. The results were loss of weight, better skin complextion, and more energy. She was also able to easily transition to a more moderate nutrional balance because of the strong connection between eating and feeling.

The particular program Sarah uses is designed to remove the toxins from your body that are a result of eating processed, packaged, and treated foods. It was developed by the team at Whole Living Magazine in 2012. Below is a link to their website and program that includes all of the details, over 50 recipes and even a shopping list. The program also aids your body to get back in touch with how what you eat makes you feel. “There are no supplements to buy or calorie counting – just a bunch of good ‘ol wholesome fruits, veggies and nuts.” The basic “rules” of the detox are no caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, gluten, dairy, processed foods or added sugar for 21 days. For the first week, participants consume only fruits, veggies and nuts/nut butters/nut oils. In the second week, you add in seafood, beans, lentils and organic soy. For the final week you can begin eating gluten free grains and eggs.

An aspect of this program’s success begins with being prepared. The first step is cleaning out the kitchen and pantry; hid away things that don’t apply for the next few weeks. Next, plan out a menu and from there develop a shopping list. For breakfast, Sarah sticks to a morning detox juice consisting of grapefruit, apple, pineapple, carrot, spinach, kale and beet. For lunch and dinner, roasted root veggies and salads with homemade, clean dressing. Sarah says snacks are key and to eat a lot of them. “Try to manage your portions overall, but feel free to eat something every hour or two”.

For more information on the program or to discuss if this program is right for you, contact Sarah at Foundation Fitness. She can also help support you through the process with additional recipes, shopping lists and ideas on how to make something like this fit with your lifestyle.

As a personal trainer, fitness center owner and student of health promotion, Sarah Giboney is dedicated to helping others achieve higher levels of well-being by helping them find and achieve their healthy balance. She believes that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and knows that no one fitness program is right for all. Sarah specializes in helping persons of all fitness levels and backgrounds find their unique approach to wellness.